IA Certified Irrigation Contractor

CIC-Irrigation AssociationCIC – National Certification

We take great pride in being one of the only nationally certified contractors in the Greater Capital District. The Irrigation Association, an Internationally recognized leader and advocate for the irrigation industry provides many certifications. They do so through education and testing. We are proud to have tested and received our CIC (Certified Irrigation Contractor) credentials.

Why work with a CIC contractor?

The purpose of the certified irrigation contractor program is to certify that a US or international candidate has met an advanced level of competency in the execution of contracts or subcontracts to install, repair and/or maintain irrigation systems. The CIC must conduct business in such a manner that irrigation projects meet the specifications and requirements of the contract.

CICs install, maintain and repair irrigation systems. CICs

  • execute irrigation projects to meet all specifications and requirements.
  • prepare installation sites, including layout, staking, excavation, boring, trenching, grading and backfilling.
  • cut and join pipe, know the limitations of different piping systems and understand basic hydraulics.
  • lay out and install piping and water delivery components; backflow prevention components; mechanical, hydraulic and electrical irrigation controls; and other irrigation system components.
  • troubleshoot and repair irrigation components and systems.
  • understand good business practices, construction contracts and their legal rights and obligations, and licensing laws and codes in their state.