Smart Irrigation & Wi-Fi

What is Smart Irrigation? I promise you its more than an App…I see many contractors market “Smart Irrigation”. We at Pro Tech Lawn Sprinklers are setting the bar, and proud to do so. As the Greater Capital Districts Largest and one of the Northeasts Largest installer of the Hydrawise Water Management System, a Hunter Irrigation Controller, we offer the best “Smart Irrigation” solution.

Why? Hydrawise offers the best in water management and water usage savings
How? Using predictive watering triggers set and Managed by Pro Tech
Where? Use from anywhere you can connect to the internet
Who? Remote access for client & contractor of your choice
When? Anytime!

What does that mean for you, 20-40% water saving! Call us today to learn more and start saving on your water bill tomorrow.

Add-ons & Upgrades

  • Flow Meter
  • Solar Symc
  • Wand for X2 Controllers

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